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Ode to a Geekboy

22nd January, 2013. 9:29 pm. Further Confusion!

Two things happened at FC that I think were good experiences:

My novella Carpe Mortis sold out

I did a book reading for the first time.

I dunno if I'll ever want to do another reading, but at least we had people there, and I wasn't alone in doing the reading. rikoshi and chipotle were there too! It was a fun experience, even if I thought my reading sucked eggs. ;-)

Current mood: Happy.

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20th October, 2012. 11:53 am. The State of Things

I'm still alive, I'm slowly but surely getting that life of mine together, and I'm okay.

I've written a novel, a novella, a anthology series of three short yet long short stories, and I have another novella on the way.

My gym routine is still going strong, and I'm in great shape. My boyfriend is still with me, and I'm still with him. Otherwise that would be odd, no?

Life can get better, but it's a slow process. I'm glad I'm around to do it.

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19th March, 2012. 1:56 pm. 7 Things

My good friend kylet threw down the challenge, and I accepted.

But I posted it somewhere else.

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5th March, 2012. 10:33 pm. Week 55 through 57!

Week 55 was maxes. Just go look at week 54 and find out everything you need to know.

Week 56 was the same thing.

Week 57 was a break!

I've started week 58. Not too shabby.

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13th February, 2012. 2:42 pm. Week 53 and 54!

Here we go! 2 sets of 5 working towards the maxes!

Week 53!Collapse )

Week 54!Collapse )

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29th January, 2012. 2:05 pm. Week 51 and 52!

Week 51 started off with 2 sets of 10, but this time I've added a new routine which can be found on the Men's Health website. So let's see how well I'm doing!

Week 51!Collapse )

Week 52!Collapse )

And that wraps up one year of exercising. Next week we start year 2 with 2 sets of 5, and if anyone is curious about how my stats improved...well, comment! Let me know you want to know!

Current mood: accomplished.

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16th January, 2012. 8:08 pm. Some FC Thoughts

It was awesome, even though there wasn't much of a central hangout. Sadness.

That is all.

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12th January, 2012. 8:50 am. Week 49 & 50!

Week 49 was the same as week 48. This week is my week of rest! Come back next week for new stuffs!

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1st January, 2012. 7:27 pm. Resolutions 2012

1) Write and publish a novella. BONUS: Try and publish two.

2) Keep on exercising. BONUS: Try bringing up a bench press to a reasonable weight that you couldn't do last year.

3) Keep track of the books you're going to read and finish. BONUS: Read at least one book a month, maybe more!

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31st December, 2011. 12:38 am. Week 48!

Progress ahoy!Collapse )

Current mood: accomplished.

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